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Providing opioid-sparing post-op pain control.
Two layers of Rx safety hard limits meet ISMP Best Practices.

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Opioid Sparing Pain Control

Extending analgesia to 5 days after surgery to avoid post-op opioids.1
A Paradigm Shift in cPNB Infusions.


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Exactly what you need to take your ERAS program further
Reducing post-op opioid use, improving patient pain scores


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5 Days Post-Op Analgesia

Extend post-op pain management to 5 days1 with Nimbus PainPRO avoiding post-op opioids after just 2-3 days of elastomeric pump infusion or "long-acting" local anesthetics.

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PIB Auto Bolus Mode

  • Ideal for fascial plane blocks like ESP, TAP, SAPB, PVB
  • Puts pressure, volume behind infusion enhancing spread
  • PIB mode improves pain scores, extends duration of analgesia

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Hospital administration


You have one of the most challenging positions in your hospital. You’re responsible for ensuring the best possible patient outcomes while preserving your bottom line and growing your reputation within the community you serve. Everyday. That’s a monumental task.

Opioid addiction and diversion is one of the greatest challenges our communities presently face causing the health care industry to search for more effective pain management alternatives. That’s why converting to the Nimbus II PainPRO non-narcotic pain pump solution will help you deliver what you’ve committed to do in your role; improving patient satisfaction and outcomes while lowering your costs for post-surgical recovery.

  • Improve workflow efficiency by reducing side effects associated with post-op opioids to lower volume and severity of unplanned patient interventions
  • Increase throughput and shorten LOS meeting patient discharge criteria faster and safer
  • Effectively turn beds earlier creating higher profitability
  • Improve Healthgrades / HCAHPS scoring
  • Grow your reputation in the community increasing repeats & referrals
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You’ve placed catheters during surgery so you know how they can improve post-op patient care. Or, you’ve tried an Rx alternative to help with reducing patient’s post-op pain. You’ve already seen the benefits of what catheters and pumps can provide your patients. Less narcotics, less patient post-op events, reaching milestones for recovery quicker. You may have already subscribed to one of the most effective multi-modal post-op pain regimens that keep your patients comfortable and meet their discharge criteria earlier while keeping your post-op patient interventions at a minimum. Are you truly optimizing your results? We’re challenging that discussion with the Nimbus II PainPRO pump. With the goal of introducting you to a next-and-best post-op pain pump that will make you and your patients enjoy a more effective surgical recovery.

The Nimbus II PainPRO ambulatory pain pump will help you deliver more of what you’ve committed to; improving patient satisfaction while lowering costs and post-surgical recovery events. You can make a greater difference. If you like the elastomeric standard, you'll like our Nimbus pump even better.

  • Reliable and Consistent Opioid Avoidance
  • Reduction of PONV and adverse post-op events providing a superior analgesia program
  • Safely and reliably manage post-op pain without the costly side effects of standard-of-care narcotics or risking opioid addiction
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Anesthesia provider Nimbus PainPRO post op pain pump

Anesthesia Providers

You’re driven to provide the most effective and complete post-op analgesia program possible. You’ve implemented nerve blocks for regional anesthesia experiencing the benefits of catheters and pumps extending the duration of your non-narcotic strategy, but are you most effectively optimizing your results? Are you accessing the most cost effective alternatives available?

It’s time to introduce you to a post-op pain pump that will make you and your patients enjoy a more effective post-op recovery. Using the Nimbus II PainPRO ambulatory pain pump can deliver improved patient satisfaction while lowering post-surgical recovery events using the most effective non-narcotic multi-modal analgesic techniques available.

  • Programmed Intermittent Bolus (PIB) mode puts pressure and volume behind your catheter infusion enhancing spread — especially for fascial plane catheters like TAP, ESP, SAPB, QL, and PVB. Proven superior outcome compared to just Continuous Infusion.2,4
  • Up to 12 customizable infusion Protocol presets simplifies pump setup. Meets ISMP pump safety guidelines3 with separate Min/Max hard limits for each infusion mode (PIB, PCA, Basal) in each protocol. Preset pump protocols match your EMR order sets.
  • PIB + Patient Demand Bolus + Continuous Rate infusion modes available in any therapy combination in any protocol all in one pump SKU. No other single-patient-use electronic pump offers this.
  • Extend post-op analgesia to 5 days as Nimbus PainPRO infuses from an IV bag of local anesthetic giving you inpatient and outpatient flexibility. No more labor-intensive elastomeric pump filling by Pharmacy, or budget-busting outsourced pump pre-fills.
  • Patient PCA Demand Bolus button gives your patient greater control of their recovery.
  • Informative Display Screen on Nimbus readily answers the patient question: "Is my pump working?" Clinicians and patients have "situational awareness" at all times regarding: What has infused, What is left to infuse, When is the next PCA Demand Bolus available, When is the next PIB Bolus occurring?
  • Delay Start feature lets the anesthesia provider time the start of their catheter infusion for when the surgical block is ready to wear off. Extends your post-op analgesia by hours by not wasting anesthetic while the intra-op block is still present.1
  • Nimbus PainPRO is a recyclable post op pain pump.

1. Finneran JJ, Said ET, Curran BP, et al. Basal infusion versus automated boluses and a delayed start timer for “continuous” sciatic nerve blocks after ambulatory foot and ankle surgery: a randomized clinical trial. Anesthesiology. 2022;136(6):970-982.
2. Finneran IV J, Alexander B, Bechis S. Continuous erector spinae plane blocks with automated boluses for analgesia following percutaneous nephrolithotomy. Korean J Anesthesiol. 2021;74(2):178-180.
3. Institute for Safe Medication Practices. 2020-2021 ISMP Targeted Medication Safety Best Practices for Hospitals. 2020: Pg. 9. Best Practice 8d.
4. Horn A, Tsui B, Amanatullah D. Recovery outcomes of total knee arthroplasty after receiving adductor canal block with intermittent bolus vs. continuous infusion. Presented at: Annual Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine Meeting; May 13-15, 2021; Lake Buena Vista, FL. ePoster 1617. https://epostersonline.com/ASRASPRING21/node/496?view=true.

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You’re the front line for post-op patient care. You may already know the benefits catheters and pumps can provide for your patients resulting in less narcotic consumption, fewer distressful post-op events, and reaching milestones for recovery quicker. You may be satisfied with your current pain pump program to keep your patients comfortable but are you truly optimizing your results?

The time has come to re-evaluate your outcomes with our Nimbus II PainPRO pump. Nimbus is different and changes the game introducing a next-and-best pain pump solution significantly impacting outcomes after surgery. Learn how using the Nimbus II PainPRO post-op pain pump will help you deliver more of what you’ve committed to do in your role; improving patient satisfaction while lowering costs and post-surgical recovery events. You can make a greater difference. If you like what you’ve seen from your current pain pump you’ll love the improvements you’ll receive from the Nimbus II PainPRO.

  • Access the real-time display screen detailing exact status of infusion. Now you can answer the patient's question: "Is my pump working?"
  • Give patients control over their pain by enabling the Demand Bolus function (PCA)
  • Enjoy longer duration, consistent and reliable opioid-sparing therapy
  • Experience fewer unplanned patient interventions
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Pharmacy technician


Your function is one of the most process-driven areas of the hospital, yet too frequently one of the most over utilized and understaffed. Your department plays a critical role in sustaining the health and welfare of the patients you serve and can be a significant advocate for the technology your hospital chooses to efficiently manage post-op pain. We have an alternative solution for you to consider that will enhance your facility’s opioid-avoidance initiatives while reducing the cost and labor burden for you to support those goals in your Pharmacy.

Meet 2021 ISMP Infusion Safety Best Practices
The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) recommends Best Practice 8D1 which urges that infusion pumps that offer boluses and a continuous rate should have hard limit settings for each infusion mode. The Nimbus II PainPRO pump meets this Best Practice standard with hard limit settings in each of its 12 protocols and aggregate Global Guard hard limits. Other single-patient-use electronic pain pumps have no safety limits.

The Nimbus II PainPRO pump is a next-and-best pain pump solution that draws local anesthetic from a standard medication bag to better suit to your Pharmacy process making it easier and more cost-effective to expand your non-narcotic program. Compounding medication in an IV bag can be easier to maintain USP 797 compliance reducing the cost, time and supplies needed to fill elastomeric devices.

1. Institute for Safe Medication Practices. 2020-2021 ISMP Targeted Medication Safety Best Practices for Hospitals. 2020: Pg. 9. Best Practice 8d.

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We make pain pumps. Better.



Why choose Nimbus? See what makes PainPRO the pain pump technology that meets your emerging clinical needs.

Clinical Flexibility

Today's nerve block catheters need more than just a continuous flow rate — especially if you are infusing fascial plane block catheters like ESP, TAP, SAPB, or PVB. Nimbus puts pressure and volume behind its infusion which makes those catheters more efficacious1. And Nimbus can infuse from a 1L IV Rx bag so you can run higher rates and volumes in those pain management scenarios. Compared to other single-patient-use electronic pumps, only Nimbus let's you infuse all 3 modes — PIB + PCA Demand Bolus + Continuous Rate — in any combination in any of its 12 protocol slots.

Safer & More Effective

Nimbus PainPRO offers unparalleled infusion safety with two sets of protocol safety limits to protect the patient and the clinician. It is the only single-patient-use electronic pump that meets ISMP's 2021 Best Practice 8D which calls for hard limits on all bolus modes and continuous rate. Nimbus' flow rate accuracy is ±5%, vastly superior to the ±15-20% variability of a painball elastomeric pump. Nimbus optimizes your therapy delivery with an electronically monitored pumping mechanism to produce a safe, consistent infusion. Pump tubing administration sets are DEHP free, latex free.

Not More Expensive

With all that Nimbus PainPRO has to offer — 3 infusion modes, pump safety limits, protocol convenience, large display screen, Delay Start and more — you would think that it's far more expensive than legacy elastomeric painball pumps. Not true. Nimbus PainPRO is typically comparable in cost to your current elastomeric pump, and probably less if you source one with a larger reservoir, selectable flow rates, or bolus button. The Nimbus pump is available direct or through your preferred distribution partner, with GPO pricing convenience available to most facilities. InfuTronix Solutions is also a NMSDC certified minority-owned business Diversity Supplier.

Objective Data

Pair Nimbus PainPRO with AfterOP: a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant patient self-reporting outcome data service enabling "RemoteRounding®" on all of your surgical patients. Via a smartphone-friendly interface patients report on 5 standard postoperative follow-up questions. That unbiased data flows back to your anesthesia team for your analysis, fueling metrics-driven practice improvement.

We make pain pumps. Better.


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