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Designed to more effectively control post operative pain.
Added safeguards in place for peace of mind.

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The Absolute Vanguard

Working with industry leaders and implementing cutting edge pain control techniques.
Delivering Unrivaled Pain Control.


The Total Solution

Exactly what you need to take your ERAS program further
Handling everything from 503B compounding to tracking patient reported outcomes.


Turn 2 Days into 5 Days

Extend therapy up to 10 days or 1500 ml to cover the entire episode of care with the expanded reservoir volume from Nimbus.

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PIB and PCA Modes

  • Ideal for compartmental blocks
  • Compensate for migrated catheters
  • Reach target nerves with optimal bolus spread

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You have one of the most challenging positions in your hospital. You’re responsible for ensuring the best possible patient outcomes while preserving your bottom line and growing your reputation within the community you serve. Everyday. That’s a monumental task.

Opioid addiction and diversion is one of the greatest challenges our communities presently face causing the health care industry to search for more effective pain management alternatives. That’s why converting to the Nimbus II PainPRO non-narcotic pain pump solution will help you deliver what you’ve committed to do in your role; improving patient satisfaction and outcomes while lowering your costs for post-surgical recovery.

  • Improve workflow efficiency by reducing side effects associated with narcotics to lower volume and severity of unplanned patient interventions
  • Increase throughput and shorten LOS meeting patient discharge criteria faster and safely
  • Effectively turn beds earlier creating higher profitability
  • Improve Healthgrades / HCAHPS scoring
  • Grow your reputation in the community increasing repeats & referrals
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You’ve placed catheters during surgery so you know how they can improve post-op patient care. Or, you’ve tried an Rx alternative to help with reducing patient’s post-op pain. You’ve already seen the benefits of what catheters and pumps can provide your patients. Less narcotics, less patient post-op events, reaching milestones for recovery quicker. You may have already subscribed to one of the most effective multi-modal post-op pain regimens that keep your patients comfortable and meet their discharge criteria earlier while keeping your post-op patient interventions at a minimum. Are you truly optimizing your results? We’re challenging that discussion with the Nimbus II PainPRO pump. With the goal of introducting you to a next-and-best post-op pain pump that will make you and your patients enjoy a more effective surgical recovery.

The Nimbus II PainPRO ambulatory pain pump will help you deliver more of what you’ve committed to; improving patient satisfaction while lowering costs and post-surgical recovery events. You can make a greater difference. If you like the elastomeric standard, you'll like our Nimbus pump even better.

  • Reliable and Consistent Opioid Avoidance
  • Reduction of PONV and adverse post-op events providing a superior analgesia program
  • Safely and reliably manage post-op pain without the costly side effects of standard-of-care narcotics or risking addiction
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You’re driven to provide the most effective and complete post-op analgesia program possible. You’ve implemented nerve blocks for regional anesthesia experiencing the benefits of catheters and pumps extending the duration of your non-narcotic strategy, but are you most effectively optimizing your results? Are you accessing the most cost effective alternatives available?

It’s time to introduce you to a new generation, next-and-best post-op pain pump that will make you and your patients enjoy a more effective post-op recovery. Using the Nimbus II PainPRO ambulatory pain pump will deliver improved patient satisfaction while lowering post-surgical recovery events using the most effective non-narcotic multi-modal analgesic techniques available.

  • Extended performance life and flexible reservoir volume enable a single Nimbus pump to cover your patient through the entire surgical recovery- both inpatient and out
  • Fully customizable Protocol library with guard rail limits increase safety protecting against risk of “fast-flow” or over infusion
  • Demand Bolus (PCA) gives your patient greater control of their recovery
  • Gather ERAS metrics capturing actionable subjective and objective data points
  • Fewer calls and patient complaints
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You’re the front line for post-op patient care. You may already know the benefits catheters and pumps can provide for your patients resulting in less narcotic consumption, fewer distressful post-op events, and reaching milestones for recovery quicker. You may be satisfied with your current pain pump program to keep your patients comfortable but are you truly optimizing your results?

The time has come to re-evaluate your outcomes with our Nimbus II PainPRO pump. Nimbus is different and changes the game introducing a next-and-best pain pump solution significantly impacting outcomes after surgery. Learn how using the Nimbus II PainPRO post-op pain pump will help you deliver more of what you’ve committed to do in your role; improving patient satisfaction while lowering costs and post-surgical recovery events. You can make a greater difference. If you like what you’ve seen from your current pain pump you’ll love the improvements you’ll receive from the Nimbus II PainPRO.

  • Access the real-time display screen detailing exact status of infusion
  • Give patients control over their pain enabling the Demand Bolus function (PCA)
  • Enjoy longer duration, consistent and reliable opioid avoidance therapy
  • Experience fewer unplanned patient interventions
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Your function is one of the most process-driven areas of the hospital, yet too frequently one of the most over utilized and understaffed. Your department plays a critical role in sustaining the health and welfare of the patients you serve and can be a significant advocate for the technology your hospital chooses to efficiently manage post-op pain. We have an alternative solution for you to consider that will enhance your facility’s opioid-avoidance initiatives while reducing the cost and labor burden for you to support those goals in your Pharmacy.

The Nimbus II PainPRO pump is a next-and-best pain pump solution that draws local anesthetic from a standard medication bag to better suit to your Pharmacy process making it easier and more cost-effective to expand your nnon-narcotic program. Compounding medication in an IV bag can be easier to maintain USP 797 compliance reducing the cost, time and supplies needed to fill elastomeric devices.

  • Enhance your compliance with USP 797
  • Offer cost effective 503B alternative solutions
  • Reduce your cost and labor burden to fill in house
  • Greater flexibility with custom solutions
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About Our Journey

The World
Class Solution


Why choose Nimbus? See what makes the PainPRO the next-and-best pain pump technology for use in your practice.

Clinically Flexible

Nimbus is a Total Solution offering everything you need and nothing that you don't. Our customizable a` la carte service provides you access to a larger reservoir capacity and cutting-edge features like PIB and Demand Bolus (PCA) to create your ideal infusion protocols delivering longer, more flexible and more effective non-narcotic therapies.

Objective Data

Use our Patient Reported Outcomes App (Nimbus PRO) to track patient pain scores, narcotic consumption and recovery milestones for up to 365 days post-surgery. Access event log history to view objective reports supporting your ERAS program. Effectively monitor and assess the effectiveness of ongoing therapies with an active information dashboard.

Safer & More Effective

DEHP free. Latex free. Flow rate accuracy +/- 5%. Nimbus optimizes your therapy delivery with an electronically monitored pumping mechanism to produce a safe, consistent infusion. Safeguarded by limits you set within your custom Protocol Library, designate facility specific guard rails and lock codes to protect against over infusion of medication or unanticipated changes to the prescription.

Unmatched Value

Available at an aggressive price point 20%-30% less than standard elastomeric devices, you can deliver next generation pain control at a reduced cost making greater impact. Trim the fat off your budget with one SKU that does it all.


Switching to Nimbus delivers greater patient satisfaction, fewer complications and returns to the hospital. Outcomes can be measured with the objective pump event history data along with the subjective Patient Reported Outcomes data collection app. Nimbus enables you to monitor real progress in your peripheral nerve block program.

Patient Reported Outcomes

Nimbus PRO app captures actionable data points from patients up to 365 days post-surgery facilitating CJR reporting


Electronically monitored pumping mechanism detects and overcomes most line occlusions maintaining block patency

More Effective

Cutting-edge infusion delivery modes capable to compensate for misplaced catheters with optimal spread.

Cutting-Edge Therapy

Effectively manage Trauma cases with a highly reliable non-narcotic analgesic program

Infusion History

Real-time infusion history provides actionable diagnostics and EHR documentation

Longer Duration

Increased performance life and expanded reservoir volume to manage your patients through both inpatient and outpatient

Conversion Support

Expert Implementation Support. Live 24/7 Phone Support. Your staff will be confident using Nimbus to improve post-op care.

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