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Nimbus received its first FDA 510K approval in 2014 meeting the market's need for a smart, cost effective, electronic ambulatory infusion pump. Our goal was simple and straightforward: develop a non-narcotic pain pump the size of an iPhone with a performance life and reservoir volume to last up to 10 days and offer patients greater control over their pain relief by adding a Demand Bolus PCA function. The first generation PainPRO was launched in the spring of 2015 rapidly catching the attention of thought leading industry experts.
Then leveraging the knowledge and insights of these industry experts, we continued to enhance Nimbus and received a second 510K in 2016 releasing the Nimbus II PainPRO, obtaining DME approval status and expanding on its software based capability to introduce other cutting-edge functionalities.
We've come a long way from the first prototype and the future holds so much more. We will continue to develop new technologies to bring the future of pain management to you today.


Nimbus aims to deliver safe, simple to use, and smart pain management therapy at a cost anyone can afford while refusing to compromise the quality or level of service the industry rightfully demands.


Here at Nimbus, we want to live on the bleeding edge of pain management therapy. We continue to evolve our platform faster than ever to leverage today's tech-centered world and bring a higher level of care to our friends and family.

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When a facility switches from to a non-narcotic peripheral nerve block program, several benefits follow. Patients are able to leave the day of surgery or shortly after. The hospital saves an immense amount of money from this alone. Their recovery is faster because they are able to ambulate and partake in physical therapy sooner. The therapy is more effective leading to fewer hospital returns. Nimbus delivers everything you need for an effective recovery at a highly affordable price.
Our specialized implementation team will ensure the transition is smooth by gathering and training all the neccesary parties required. This includes supply chain, residents, physicians, and nurses. Our team stays on-site to train you to be fully self-sufficient. Finally, we arm you with all the information needed to enable the patient to continue the therapy in the out-patient setting. We hope you never have the need, but our continued support is reflected in our 24/7 support hotline.
You can use the form on the right of this box to request information via Email. If you have met us at a trade show or have a sales representative's contact information already, please do not hesitate to reach out and reqest a demo. We are more than happy to show you what Nimbus can do for you today.

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