Delay Start Feature

Delay Start feature is unique to the Nimbus PainPRO post op pain pump

Delay Start Feature

Extends Outpatient Post-Surgical Analgesia by Hours.

Use the Delay Start feature in the Nimbus PainPRO pump to extend your patient's post op pain management duration by hours.

Delay Start enables you to time the start of the nerve block catheter infusion for when you expect the surgical block to start wearing off.

Nimbus PainPRO is the only single-patient-use electronic pump that offers this feature in any of its 12 customizable infusion protocols.

What Can Delay Start Do For You and Your Patients?
Recent studies confirm the added value of Delay Start with nerve block catheter infusions. In these studies and case reports Delay Start:
  • Extended post op analgesia by hours.1
  • Avoided wasting anesthetic infusion while the surgical block was still present.1
  • Reduced the risk of LAST by not layering a catheter infusion on top of an existing local anesthetic block.1

Delay Start: A Must for Outpatient Orthopedic Surgery
Your single shot surgical nerve block is going to last 12-16 hours in most cases. If the orthopedic surgery in your ambulatory surgery center (ASC) happens in the morning and you discharge the patient in the early afternoon, your surgical block still has 6-10 hours to go before it recedes.

So why are you starting their post-op nerve block pump infusion in your ASC while the surgical block is still present?

Or, do you try and instruct your patient or their caregivers to remember to unclamp their elastomeric painball pump that evening at home after dinner?

Extend Post Op Analgesia By Hours
You can avoid the hazard of both of those scenarios and gain extra hours of post op pain control at home by switching to a pain pump that offers Delay Start capability: Nimbus PainPRO.

You can set the Delay Start timer for up to 24 hours which gives you plenty of flexibility depending on the expected duration of your surgical block. And, if your patient experiences pain prior to the countdown timer reaching 00:00:00, a simple button push on their part ends the delay and immediately starts their infusion protocol.

For bi-lateral nerve block catheter placements with two Nimbus PainPRO pumps using Programmed Intermittent Bolus modes, you can creatively use Delay Start on one of the Nimbus pumps to have them "see-saw" their automated boluses alternating at your desired interval from one catheter side to the other. The enhanced spread of the PIB bolus will ensure adequate dermatomal coverage while reducing overall hourly volume delivered to the patient (compared to having both bi-lateral catheters infusing at a constant rate).

1. Finneran IV J, Alexander B, Bechis S. Continuous erector spinae plane blocks with automated boluses for analgesia following percutaneous nephrolithotomy. Korean J Anesthesiol. 2021;74(2):178-180.

Extend Post Op Analgesia by Hours