Is My Pain Pump Working?

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Nimbus PainPRO informative display screen

Nimbus II PainPRO Display Screen

Pump Display Screen

"Situational Awareness" for Patient and Clinician

Nimbus PainPRO's informative display screen gives the patient and the clinician "situational awareness" while it's infusing pain relief.

What Does The Display Screen Show?
Nimbus PainPRO's display screen provides real-time status on:
  • Rate: Continuous Rate (basal rate) in mL/hour.
  • Next DB: Time remaining until the next PCA Demand Bolus is available.
  • Next AB: Countdown timer until the next scheduled Auto Bolus / Programmed Intermittent Bolus will occur.
  • VTBI: Volume remaining To Be Infused.
  • VINF: Volume INFused so far since therapy was started.
  • Bolus Progress Bar: When a DB or AB is being delivered, a progress bar is displayed on screen.
  • An IV bag icon on the upper right indicating the pump is ON and functioning.
  • A battery level indicator on the upper right (each battery is good for 10 days of infusion).
  • Name of the current active infusion protocol on the upper left.

Patient: How Can I Tell If My Pump Is Working?
Clinicians we talk to about pain pumps readily agree, one of the most common questions they get asked by patients is: How can I tell if my pain pump is working?

If that patient is using a legacy elastomeric painball pump, there really isn't a good answer you can give them.

It can take hours for any observable shrinking of the elastomeric painball to become visible. And, if they have to wait until they feel pain to determine the Qball isn't functioning, then you're troubleshooting and "chasing the pain" with a slow-to-react basal rate adjustment.

Nimbus PainPRO's Display Screen

While Nimbus PainPRO is operating, all of the display information noted above is displayed on the pump screen.

In particular, the information at the bottom of the display — VTBI, VINF, Next DB, Next AB — alternates every few seconds. So, if your Nimbus PainPRO patient asks "the question" direct their attention to the pump display and have them focus on the bottom to see the constantly cycling infusion status details.

Check out the Nimbus PainPRO Display Screen video link below.

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