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Nimbus PainPRO post op pain pump infuses from an IV bag of anesthetic avoiding the hassle of Pharmacy filling the pump or the added expense of outsourcing the pre-fill to a 503B compounding pharmacy.

QuVa Pharma's 500mL IV bag of ropivacaine 0.2% (QuVa Product Number #70092958838) fits perfectly into the Nimbus PainPRO carry pouch. Nimbus PainPRO offers:

  • Programmed Intermittent Bolus infusion mode
  • Unique Delay Start feature to time the start of your infusion as the surgical block is wearing off
to extend the duration of post-op analgesia out to 5 days1, 2 with a single 500mL bag.

Extend Control Over Pain | Save Time | Reduce Costs

QuVa's ready-to-administer IV bags PLUS Nimbus® II PainPRO pain pumps are an ideal combination for post-op ambulatory pain management

Filling a legacy elastomeric painball pump is a labor-intensive task for Pharmacy. The only way for Pharmacy to avoid this cost and FTE burden is to outsource the pump pre-fill.

And, if you're in an outpatient setting without a Pharmacy onsite, then you likely have to outsource your pain pump filling to a 503B compounder.

Nimbus PainPRO sidesteps these issues by conveniently infusing from an IV bag of local anesthetic - 500mL or even 1000mL bags.

What Does This Mean for Your Facility?
  • Reduced Pharmacy labor requirements associated with the time-consuming pump fill process.
  • Cost savings if you spend extra to outsource having your pain pump pre-filled.

Medical Economics: Driving Savings by Using Nimbus and QuVa Pharma
A 2018 article in the Journal of Medical Economics3 cites the following cost parameters for an elastomeric pain pump filled with 500mL of ropivacaine 0.2%

$433.82 - OnQ pump, 400mL with Select-a-Flow

$193.15 - Ropivacaine 0.2%, 100mL vial x 5

That totals $626.97 for the pump and 500mL of local anesthetic to overfill the 400mL elastomeric pump (which decreases pump infusion accuracy4).

This figure doesn't take into account any Pharmacy labor cost if the pump is filled by Pharmacy. It also doesn't take into account any premium paid to outsource the pump pre-fill.

Source Your Anesthetic IV Bags from QuVa Pharma
QuVa Pharma is a leading national 503B outsourcing organization offering hospitals the highest quality ready and reliable access to a broad portfolio of ready-to-administer sterile injectable medicines. They offer a full sterile-to-sterile portfolio with Extended Beyond Use Dates (BUDs) based on real stability data.

By teaming up with InfuTronix Solutions for the Nimbus PainPRO pump and QuVa Pharma for the IV bag of local anesthetic, you can likely drive savings of over 40% aggregate cost.

Why not contact InfuTronix Solutions today to compare your costs and start enjoying the convenience of a pain pump that a recent study shows can infuse for 5 days from a 500mL IV bag1 of local anesthetic?

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