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Nimbus PainPRO patient PCA bolus button

Nimbus II PainPRO Patient PCA Bolus Button

Patient PCA Bolus Button

Rapidly Addressing Patient Breakthrough Pain

Nimbus PainPRO's patient PCA Bolus button gives the clinician and patient the ability to rapidly address breakthrough pain during the course of post-op pain relief.

Patient PCA Demand Bolus (DB)
Nimbus PainPRO's patient PCA bolus function:
  • Is available in any of the 12 customizable infusion protocols.
  • Rapidly delivers its dose at 210mL / hour.
  • Is controlled by a clinician-designated Lockout Interval (just like standard PCA pumps).
  • Keeps the patient informed via a progress bar on the pump display as the PCA bolus is being delivered.
  • Advises the patient every 10-15 seconds when the Next DB (demand bolus) will be available via a countdown timer on the display screen.

Upper and Lower Hard Limits Meet ISMP Perioperative Infusion Safety Guidelines

If enabled in any of the 12 customizable infusion protocols available in Nimbus PainPRO, clinicians and Pharmacy have the assurance that each bolus parameter in each protocol has upper and lower hard limits.

By doing so, Nimbus PainPRO meets ISMP's current perioperative infusion safety guidelines for regional anesthesia pumps1.

In the same publication, ISMP also recommends against the common elastomeric pain pump practice of "bolusing" by simply increasing the pain pump's basal continuous rate. Not only does this exhaust the anesthetic reservoir faster, it also is a far slower method to resolve breakthrough pain. And, if the outpatient is already at home, do you want them making their own adjustments on their pain pump?

When the Nimbus PainPRO bolus button is activated, the pump delivers the patient bolus at 210mL/hour to rapidly bathe the targeted area with local anesthetic.

1. Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP). ISMP Guidelines for Safe Medication Use in Perioperative and Procedural Settings. ISMP; 2022

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