Nimbus Pump Recycling

Nimbus PainPRO is a recyclable post op pain pump

Recyclable Pain Pump

Maintaining Our Green Initiative.

Nimbus PainPRO is a recyclable post op pain pump.

Green Initiative Is Voluntary
Our Green Initiative pump recycling program is voluntary, but we're pleased to report that we get about an 80% return rate for our Nimbus pumps. Compared to disposable elastomeric pain pumps, we're thrilled to keep 4 out of 5 pumps out of the trash and your landfill.

Here are the details:

  • Each pump box contains a postage-prepaid shipping label
  • The Nimbus pump and the black carry bag are recyclable
  • Put the pump and carry bag in the white box and seal it shut with the wide postage-prepaid shipping label
  • Send the box back to InfuTronix
  • The Recycling Program is voluntary and we DO NOT penalize the patient or facility if the pump is not returned

Is the postage-prepaid shipping label missing from your box, or did it get lost? Call our 24/7 Help Line at (844) 479-8500 and they can help you get back on track with keeping things Green.

Aren't Other Electronic Pumps Recycled?
Yes, a leading competitor also touts that their electronic ambulatory pain pump is recyclable. You'll want to inquire about whether there is any kind of penalty if that pump isn't returned.

Especially if you're in an outpatient facility, you'll want to ensure that the patient isn't asked to sign a waiver form regarding financial penalty if they fail to return the pump.

Check out the YouTube video link below to learn more about how to recycle your Nimbus PainPRO pain pump after your post-surgical pain relief is done.

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