Technical Specifications

Nimbus PainPRO meets and exceeds all industry standards for safety, reliability, features, and value.


Nimbus II PainPRO
Ambulatory Pain Pump

Your post surgical pain control deliverables are evolving as procedures move to outpatient settings, evidence mounts on the benefits of avoiding post-op opioids, and Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols demonstrate their effectiveness. You need a modern pain pump that meets today's clinical needs and positions you for the future.

Nimbus II PainPRO is that pump.

Its customizable Protocol Library enables you to receive pumps pre-loaded with your facility-approved infusion protocols, protected by your specified Min/Max infusion parameter values and Global Guard limits to safely and easily initiate your infusions. Legacy elastomeric pumps have filled their role for the past 20 years, but it's time for a pain pump that offers:

  • Programmed Intermittent Bolus (PIB) mode puts pressure and volume behind your catheter infusion enhancing spread — especially for fascial plane catheters like TAP, ESP1, SAPB, QL, and PVB. Proven superior outcome compared to just Continuous Infusion.2
  • PIB + PCA Demand Bolus + Continuous Rate infusion modes available in any therapy combination in any protocol all in one pump SKU. No other single-use electronic pump offers this.
  • Extend post-op analgesia to 4, 5 days as Nimbus PainPRO infuses from any vendor's IV Rx bag giving you inpatient and outpatient flexibility. No more labor-intensive elastomeric pump filling by Pharmacy, or excessive cost outsourcing pump pre-fills.
  • Up to 12 customizable Protocol presets simplifies pump setup. Meets ISMP pump safety guidelines3 with separate Min/Max hard limits for each infusion mode (PIB, PCA, Basal) in each protocol.
  • PCA Demand Bolus options enables your patient to personalize their pain management.
  • Informative Display Screen on Nimbus readily answers the patient question: "Is my pump working?" Clinicians and patients have "situational awareness" at all times regarding: What has infused, What is left to infuse, When is the next PCA Demand Bolus available, When is the next PIB Bolus occurring?
  • Delay Start feature lets the anesthesia provider time the start of their catheter infusion for when the surgical block is ready to wear off. Extends your post-op analgesia by hours by not wasting anesthetic while the intra-op block is still present.
  • Nimbus PainPRO is recyclable. We're aligned with your Green Initiatives by making our pump and carry pouch recyclable. We even pay the shipping cost for the facility or patient to recycle things.

1. Finneran IV J, Alexander B, Bechis S. Continuous erector spinae plane blocks with automated boluses for analgesia following percutaneous nephrolithotomy. Korean J Anesthesiol. 2021;74(2):178-180.
2. Horn A, Ban Tsui B, Amanatullah D. Recovery outcomes of total knee arthroplasty after receiving adductor canal block with intermittent bolus vs. continuous infusion. Presented at: Annual Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine Meeting; May 13-15, 2021; Lake Buena Vista, FL. ePoster 1617.
3. Institute for Safe Medication Practices. 2020-2021 ISMP Targeted Medication Safety Best Practices for Hospitals. 2020: Pg. 9. Best Practice 8d.

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AfterOP Service
Patient Reported Outcomes

The AfterOP service leverages our cloud-based interface to capture patient objective and subjective data points for "RemoteRounding®" to build more meaningful relationships with patients, improve and document their experience, enhance clinical outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

  • Create and assign customized survey templates to specific patients or patient populations and schedule to send those questionnaires via text message or secure email, over a programmed period of time with capacity to capture data up to 365 days post-op.
  • Integrate Nimbus PainPRO with your EMR to save time and improve the accuracy of patient data transmission
  • Capture key performance indicators displayed to end-users on a dashboard in an actionable format.
  • Measure and analyze advanced analytics
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Use AfterOP to remote round on your surgical patients and gather outcome data.

Service Specifications

The Nimbus team is dedicated to rounding out your peripheral nerve block program. Choose from any or all of the services below.
Make your Solution everything that you need and nothing that you don't.

Implementation and Conversion

Our Clinical Support Team is managed by a highly respected RN with experience developing block programs of her own. We have a plan and the experience to help you transition through the learning curve successfully.

  • Following a proprietary Implementation Guide, our Support Team coverage will collaborate with you to map out your clinical staff Teams and Care Areas then tailor a training program to meet your needs.
  • Your staff is provided with trainer pumps, in-service videos, Quick Reference Guides and IFU literature to quickly become skilled and operate independently with their Nimbus pump.
  • Patient education is made easy using resources created with the help of customers just like you who have walked this path ahead of you.

  • Request

24/7 Live Support

Always ready to answer any questions or concerns about the Nimbus pump on
our 24/7 hotline or via our Patient and Clinician Education Resources website.

  • Live Technical Support is our specialty.
  • Calls are answered by a team with experience speaking to patients and care-givers or clinical providers answering questions and providing support to maintain high user-satisfaction while ensuring the Nimbus PainPRO pump is operating appropriately.

"RemoteRounding®" on Your Patients With AfterOP

  • Use AfterOP "RemoteRounding®" service on your surgical patients.
  • AfterOP is cloud-based Saas so there is no need to purchase servers, hardware, or additional software
  • AfterOP is HIPAA-compliant. Patient self-reported outcome data is never linked to any PI.
  • Patients receive a smartphone-friendly 5 question survey on Pain At Rest, Pain In Motion, Pain Pills Consumed, Overall Pain Score, etc.

Optional Accessories

To complete the product offering, we work hard with suppliers to provide the full package.


Nimbus II PainPRO
Options & Accessories

InfuTronix Solutions is a complete solutions provider focused toward streamlining your workflow processes.

  • Single or Dual pump kits to provide a superior solution for combination blocks
  • 500mL or 1L sized carry pouches make extended block duration easy
  • Partnerships with established 503B Pharmacies present a prefilled medication bag solution outsourcing your pharmacy burden and extending the BUD
  • Local Agreement Contracts
  • NMSDC Certified Minority Owned Business Supplier Status
  • Purchase Direct or through Distribution to simplify supply chain logistics
  • A 3rd Party Service solution is available to offset your budget expenses
  • Our pre-paid pump return-by-mail program supports Green, environmentally-friendly initiatives
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